What will keep mice and rats away?

In order to keep mice and rats away from your home or business, you need to make your property unattractive to rodents indoors and outdoors. 


  • Make sure all entry points that mice and rats can squeeze through are sealed 
  • Declutter your property – eliminate leftover construction materials, piles of yard debris, and other clutter that rodents can hide in or build nests 
  • Keep your grass cut short 
  • Eliminate areas of tall grass and vegetation around your property 
  • Keep tree branches and vines trimmed away from your house or business 
  • Make sure trash receptacles are airtight 


  • Keep your home or business clean and decluttered 
  • Wipe down all food prep and dining surfaces after snacks and meals 
  • Regularly sweep or vacuum all floor surfaces in food prep and dining areas 
  • Wash dishes immediately after meals and snacks 
  • Store pantry items in airtight metal, glass or hard plastic containers 
  • Repair or replace leaky water spouts 
  • Store pet food and birdseed in airtight containers 
  • Avoid storing cardboard boxes in your attic, shed or garage 
  • Make sure trash receptacles are airtight 
  • Regularly sanitize the area where your outdoor receptacles are located 

If you notice tell-tale signs of mice and rat activity such as rub marks, rodent droppings, chewed holes in food bags, footprints, scratching sounds in walls, or scurrying and squeaking sounds in your attic, contact Monitor Pest Control, as rodent activity could lead to a rodent infestation in an alarmingly short amount of time. Our rodent control service  is the best way to wipe out a rodent infestation.