What time of year are bugs most active?

Most bugs are more active in the warmer months of the year. When the temperatures are below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, insects really are not able to move. At 45 degrees, they start to move slowly. Insects don’t become fully functional until temperatures reach 70 degrees. This means in most of the country, insects may become active in mid-March or early April and can quickly produce many generations of offspring during the warmer months.  

This also means that in New Braunfels, some insects can be active year-round. Mosquitoes, termites, and ants are among these pests. Roaches, ladybugs, stink bugs and silverfish are among the pests that invade homes for shelter, water, and food in cooler months. Bed bugs are typically more active during months with a lot of travel. As temperatures rise each year in the spring and summer, the warmer temperatures will likely attract more insects that were not active in the cooler months. Increased rainfall in the spring and summer months also contributes to increased pest activity. More mosquito species may be able to live in the US, especially in Florida, and possibly further north than ever before.  

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