What kills bed bugs?

While many DIY treatments claim to get rid of bed bugs, hiring a professional pest control company, such as Monitor Pest Control is essential to actually eliminating bed bugs from your home. It is important to understand that killing bed bugs can often take several weeks or months and is a very tedious process. After a free bed bug inspection, your certified New Braunfels pest control company will give you a list of preparations to get your home ready for a bed bug treatment, including the below.

  • All bed linens, draperies, and clothing in the affected area should be laundered at the hottest setting on your washer and dryer.
  • Thoroughly vacuum carpets and floors in the affected area, including furniture.
  • Eliminate clutter and place books, paper documents, and artwork that can’t be vacuumed in protective plastic bags.

To kill bed bugs your pest control technician may recommend:


  • Steam-treating carpeting and draperies


    Vacuuming the bedbugs from the affected areas

  • A variety of traps and monitors that track and confirm bed bug activity
  • Some traditional liquid, dust, and aerosol treatments that kill bed bugs in cracks, crevices, and wall voids that aren’t accessible with other methods
  • In cases of bed bug infestations in multiple rooms, tent fumigation is sometimes the best, and only practical way to kill bed bugs
  • Dogs trained to detect bed bugs in structures
  • Localized and whole structure heat treatments above 118 degrees for 90 minutes
  • Extreme cold treatments including freezing with CO2

After treating for bed bug infestations, monitor for bed bugs by checking mattresses often, laundering bedding on hot settings, thoroughly vacuuming floors, and keeping clutter to a minimum. Bed bug-proof encasements for mattresses are also recommended after your mattress is treated to keep them from reentering the mattress. Also, check hotel rooms when you travel, laundering everything in your suitcases in hot water and vacuuming non-washable items when you return home helps prevent bed bugs from entering your home.

If you have seen signs of bed bugs in your home, your best bet is to contact Monitor Pest Control in New Braunfels and surrounding areas to prevent the infestation from spreading.