Monitor Pest Library: Unwanted Pests & Insects In South-Central Texas

An insect infestation can be troublesome, and once found, removing them can be a daunting task. From bees, wasps, and hornets to ants, mosquitoes, fleas, and many more, the pests that call our beautiful Texas home can cause damage, spread disease, and cause annoyance in our lives. If you have an infestation, your local experts at Monitor Pest Control provide pest control services in New Braunfels and surrounding areas.






Hornets & Wasps


















Bed Bugs

Bees, Wasps, and Hornet Infestations

If you're experiencing a high number of bees, wasps, or hornets near your home or garden, there is likely to be a nest nearby. In the Texas Hill Country, we experience infestations from these insects, and they can cause severe grief. Distinguishing between a bee, wasp, or hornet can be tricky. However, while their appearances may be similar, their behaviors are not. 

No Sting Zone: Bee Extermination

There are many types of bees in the Texas Hill Country area, and they provide many incredible benefits to our local environment. However, a nest near your home can cause property damage, bodily harm, and harm to these key pollinators. 


Agressive Wasps and Hornets

Unlike bees, wasps and hornets are significantly more dangerous because of their aggressive nature when disturbed. Additionally, these pests do not die after stinging.  

Treatment and Prevention

The first thing to do if you're stung by any insect is to leave the area to seek treatment. If stung by a bee, make sure to apply treatment immediately by removing the stinger and using a cold compress to lessen any pain and ease the swelling. Should your symptoms worsen, then seek emergency medical treatment, as you could be having an allergic reaction. Similar to bee stings, if you are stung by a hornet or wasp, and your symptoms worsen, please seek emergency medical treatment. 

Monitor Pest Control can inspect your home and deliver rapid, effective hornet, bee, and wasp removal and treatment services. 

Ant Control Services

Aside from biting people and potentially causing allergic reactions, ants can damage your property or ruin your lawn. When dealing with ants, our expert ant exterminators employ specialized methods to deal with various types of ants more effectively.  

Carpenter Ant Extermination

Active year-round, these large ants can be found inside or outside your home. Generally, carpenter ants will make their nests outdoors, making their homes in dead trees, telephone poles, porches, pillars, and roofs. However, they will come inside when searching for food and water. 

Putting Out Fire Ants

Fire ants are small reddish-brown insects that become very aggressive when disturbed and can even damage electrical equipment. They generally prefer sunny areas preferring to make their mounds in these locations. The network of tunnels underneath allows them to forage unseen. 

Expert Ant Solutions From Monitor Pest Control

Monitor Pest Control combines chemical and non-chemical solutions for exterminating workers, eggs, larvae, and queen of the colony to handle carpenter ant remediation. 

Due to their aggressive nature, the best way to handle ant colonies on your property is to contact our expert Monitor Pest Control exterminators to devise an effective treatment plan.  


Mosquito Control services

While mosquitoes might be among the most annoying pests to encounter and may not seem to be the most severe pest to deal with, they are among the most dangerous. This is due to the number of diseases that mosquitoes can carry malaria, encephalitis, yellow and dengue fevers. 

Mosquito Extermination

The best approach to mitigating the mosquito population around your home is by draining any standing water. This provides them with the right environmental conditions to thrive. Examples of areas with standing water mosquitoes can use rain gutters, buckets, birdbaths, and swimming pools, to name a few. Taking proper care of your yard by mowing your lawn and pulling weeds along the fence line also helps. When using mosquito repellent, ensure that what you’re using is EPA approved.  

Using these methods can help control the situation for more permanent mosquito service needs contact Monitor Pest Control to have our exterminators administer treatment. 

Flea Problems in New Braunfels, TX

Creating a lot of havoc for such a small insect, fleas are a nuisance for both humans and pets. They are able to jump high to gain access to food sources. These pests feed on the blood of humans, household pets, and various other animals.  Along with itching, swollen red bumps, skin irritation, and flea allergy dermatitis, fleas can transmit diseases with their piercing bites. Pets, like dogs and cats, can experience hair loss, skin irritation, and contract tapeworms from fleas.  

Flea Prevention and Treatment 

Prevention is always the first line of defense when dealing with fleas. However, if there is an infestation, there are remedies to get of these insects. First, you'll need to remove adult fleas from any infected people or animals using shampoos and treatments. Second, you'll need to thoroughly deep clean your home, including all bedding and linens, to rid your home of flea eggs and larvae. A flea infestation can be challenging to tackle. Monitor Pest Control's team can effectively treat and eliminate the issue with our expert flea control methods. 


Cockroaches Infestations

Like most bugs, roaches infest a home looking for food, water, and shelter. They will use pipes, drains, and exterior cracks and gaps to gain entry to their new home. Once inside, cockroaches grow their nests until overcrowding forces them out of hiding, and the homeowner realizes the problem.  

Roach Prevention and Treatment

Keeping food in sealed containers and eliminating clutter helps prevent and control possible roach infestations. To treat a cockroach problem, our technicians administer rapid and effective treatment methods. 

Stinging Creatures: Scorpions

The hot, dry Central Texas weather makes for scorpions' ideal environment. Living throughout the state, but most common in the Texas Hill Country, is the striped bark scorpion. They can be found under rocks, paving stones, landscaping materials, or inside a home seeking out water and a cooler place to live. Getting up to 2 1/2" long, the striped bark scorpion is yellowish-tan with two dark stripes down its back. Along with this species of scorpion are 17 other species in Texas. They can be identified by their long tail with a stinger that is used for defense or to paralyze prey. Scorpions are capable of stinging people, causing moderate reactions in most.  

Prevention and Treatment

Sting severity depends on a person's reaction to the venom. Usually, an ice pack can be applied to reduce swelling and pain from a sting. Anyone stung should be monitored for allergic reactions for several hours. While rare, hives and breathing difficulty can occur from a scorpion sting. Pruning trees, keeping the grass mowed, and filling in gaps and cracks can prevent scorpions from inhabiting inside and outside your home. Our skilled staff can also administer treatment options for your home. 


Crawling Creatures: Spiders

Weather, ease of access, and other insects can lead to a spider infestation of your home. Like the American house spider and wolf spider, most spiders are harmless; however, venomous spiders can be dangerous. The brown recluse spider's bite causes small blisters and swelling around the bite and may result in restlessness, fever, difficulty sleeping, and infection. Another venomous spider in and around the southern region is the black widow. If bitten, their venom is strong enough to compromise a person's nervous system. Symptoms from a bite include stomach cramps, vomiting, difficulty breathing, and fever.  

Prevention and Treatment

Medical attention is strongly recommended if either of these spiders bites you. Cutting shrubs and bushes away from your home's exterior, sealing gaps and cracks, and removing excess debris piles from your home are ways to easily prevent a spider infestation. If your spider problem needs professional help, Monitor Pest Control can provide reliable and comprehensive pest control services to eliminate spiders. 

Tick Control In New Braunfels and Surrounding Areas

In short, ticks are an external parasite that latches onto humans and feeds on blood and fluid. They are related to both spiders and mites. They have 8 small legs and a circular body that enlarges when feeding. Although they can be removed, sometimes the effect of a tick bite is permanent. Ticks are one of the top disease-spreading bugs. Lyme disease is the most common disease transmitted by ticks in the United States. Different regions of the United States have different ticks and nearly all of them are popular for transmitting different diseases. 

The Life Cycle Of A Tick

Ticks begin as eggs (stage 1) that will hatch into 6-legged larvae (stage 2).
Larvae live and feed on animals (mice, deer, squirrels, livestock, and any humans who enter the tick habitat) for about a week before detaching and then molting (shedding), anywhere from 1 week to 8 months later.
The larvae then become 8-legged nymphs (stage 3). Nymphs feed on animals, engorge for 3 to 11 days, detach, and molt about a month later (depending on the species and environmental conditions).
Once the nymph molts, it becomes an adult tick (male or female)

Facts About Ticks

Ticks climb up grass and plants and hold their legs up “sensing” and “looking” for their prey. Ticks are attracted to their hosts by detecting carbon dioxide and heat through special organs located on the first pair of the tick’s legs (Haller’s organs). When a warm-blooded animal walks past, the tick can crawl onto them and begins feeding. Ticks insert their mouths, attach to their prey, and engorge themselves with a blood meal (stage 4). During feeding, tick saliva can get into the host’s body and blood stream. Any infected with Borrelia burgdorferi can then inadvertently spread this bacteria to the host. 

Male and female ticks usually mate while attached to the host. A few weeks later, the engorged female detaches from the host and lays her eggs (1000 – 8000 eggs) on a leaf. A tick usually lives a year before dying. 


Snake Control In New Braunfels

Snakes can pose a significant concern when they enter your property or home. Monitor Pest Control is dedicated to providing effective solutions for snake control, prevention, and treatment. Our experienced team understands the behavior of snakes and employs advanced pest control techniques to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Let's explore how Monitor Pest Control can help you keep those slithering intruders at bay through comprehensive prevention and treatment strategies.

Prevention and Treatment

Prevention and treatment are integral aspects of snake control, and at Monitor Pest Control, we specialize in both. Our preventive measures begin with thorough property inspections to identify potential entry points and snake-friendly habitats. By sealing gaps, cracks, and crevices, installing protective barriers, and modifying landscaping, we create a strong deterrent against snake intrusion. Additionally, we strategically apply environmentally friendly snake repellents in areas prone to snake encounters, effectively discouraging their presence.

However, if snakes have already invaded your property, our experienced technicians are equipped to handle efficient and safe removal. With a deep understanding of snake behavior, we employ appropriate techniques and tools to capture and relocate them without causing harm. Our team ensures that the treatment process is handled with care and respect for both you and the snakes.

Managing Bats in the Hill Country

While we may see bats as a nuisance, they play an essential role in the environment by eliminating disease-carrying mosquitoes and other insects. However, bats are carriers of rabies and other diseases, which is where we come in with our bat removal services. 

What Are Signs of a Bat Infestation?

Bat Droppings
Urine Stains
Oily Stains

What Is Bat Exclusion?

Once contacted, our exterminators can head out to your location to conduct a thorough inspection to determine where the bats are roosting. After locating the bats roosting areas, our exterminators can implement the best means of exclusion to get rid of them.