How do you get rid of roof rats?

Roof rats are the most common type of rodent in New Braunfels and although they are smaller than Norway rats, they still cause health threats to you and your loved ones, as well as destruction to your property. Roof rats get their name from the fact that they climb and can gain access to homes and businesses by climbing vines, branches, pipes, rafters, and ledges. These nimble nuisances can enter through roof vents, soffit vents through torn screening, through chimneys, plumbing pipes, or air conditioning lines that run in from the outside into attics. To save money and time, the most efficient way to get rid of roof rats from your property is to contact a trusted pest control company, such as Monitor Pest Control. 

However, if you want to tackle your roof rat situation yourself, the first thing to do is inspect your property for signs of roof rat activity. Seal all potential roof rat entry points – keeping in mind that roof rats can squeeze through openings as small as half of an inch. Roof rat reduction methods include baiting snap traps or placing baits where you detect signs of roof rats. This can prove somewhat tricky as rodents tend to be leery of anything new in their environments. Additionally, when roof rats start to die in your attic and wall voids, you will then have to find their remains and remove them because the smell can become quite intolerable. 

Professional rodent removal technicians know where to strategically place bait traps.  Pest control companies also have access to superior baits that aren’t available commercially. After roof rat activity ceases in your home or business, specific cleaning methods must be used to keep dried roof rat excrement and the feasting insects that accompany it, from becoming airborne, causing Hantavirus, a respiratory condition, as well as other human pathogens. All in all, it’s better to let the professionals tackle rodent issues, such as roof rats. Contact Monitor Pest Control today if you suspect roof rat activity.