How do I stop bugs from coming into my house?

You can stop bugs from coming into your home by making your home unattractive to pests. 

To make your home less accessible to pests, from the outside, check your foundation for small holes, cracks, and crevices that pests can enter through. To stop bugs from coming into your home: 

  •  Seal or caulk these entryways, as well as cracks or holes around doors and windows
  •  Replace or repair screens, in windows and doors, in addition to vent screens in your crawl space and attic vents
  • Trim any branches away from your home’s exterior to eliminate bridges that pests can use to enter your home 
  •  Keep your grass cut short
  •  Clear tall grassy areas or areas of dense vegetation near your home
  •  Stack firewood at least ten feet from your house
  •  Declutter your yard, removing piles of anything that pests can hide in
  •  Store kids’ toys and gardening containers and tools out of the elements where they won’t collect water
  •  Eliminate standing water and change the water in birdbaths and pet water bowls every day
  • Clean gutters and make sure your downspouts drain away from your house
  • Sanitize outdoor trash receptacles and slabs often

Inside your home? Clean, clean, clean to keep pests away. 

  • Sweep or vacuum floors in dining areas after each meal or snack
  • Wipe down all food prep and dining surfaces after each meal or snack
  • Clean all dishes and remove all food scraps from the area regularly
  • Use trash receptacles with tight-fitting lids
  • Store dry goods, pet food, and birdseed in glass, metal, or hard plastic containers 
  • Repair or replace leaky faucets 
  • Declutter your home
  • Use plastic totes for attic and basement storage instead of cardboard boxes
  • Check all boxes and bags that you bring into your home for pests

Keeping pests out of your home is the first step to pest prevention. Despite your best efforts, some bugs and insects may still make it into your New Braunfels home. If this happens, do not hesitate to contact your go-to pest control experts, Monitor Pest Control.