How do I get rid of pests in the kitchen?

Pests like kitchens for some of the very same reasons humans do. Food, for starters, can feed hungry pests when the weather turns cool and natural food sources dry up. Water-prone areas provide a tiny amount of water essential for pests to keep living in your home. Make your kitchen uninteresting to pests. Exclude pests by sealing cracks, crevices, and holes in your foundation and around entry points that pests can enter through. Place all opened bags/boxes of food in airtight containers or your fridge. Keep pet food bowls clean and only feed your pets the amount of food they will consume in one meal. Keep kitchen floors swept and mopped and countertops wiped down. Wash all dishes immediately after meals. Keep the trash can and surrounding areas clean and sanitized. Regularly clean behind microwaves and toaster ovens where crumbs tend to accumulate. Decluttering your kitchen will eliminate hiding places for pests. For your peace of mind, consult a professional pest control service such as Monitor Pest Control to create a pest-free zone around your property.