Do I need an exterminator for fleas?

Depending on how severe your flea infestation is, you may be able to eliminate fleas yourself. However, if you take your pets to your veterinarian and treat them with the recommended oral or spot treatments, remove and replace or thoroughly launder all pet bedding, vacuum all fabric surfaces, clean or vacuum all floors, decks, stoops, and porches several times and still find fleas, it’s probably in your best interest to consult a professional pest control service to exterminate fleas in your home, on your pet, and in your yard.

Commercial products are very effective because they are required to meet certain standards that do not endanger humans, especially children if they are accidentally exposed to these products. Most over-the-counter DIY treatments cannot produce the same results as a professional exterminator who is trained, licensed, and certified to safely handle professional flea elimination products. Your infestation may even get worse if proper procedures in eliminating fleas are not followed. While you might think a professional exterminator is too expensive, you may be spending a lot of money on ineffective products. As a word of caution, fleas can carry diseases and pathogens that can infect humans and pets. Hiring a professional pest control company to exterminate fleas will ultimately take less time and save you money in the long run. Monitor Pest Control, a well-established pest control company serving New Braunfels and surrounding Counties for over 20 years, is experienced in the extermination of fleas. Contact Monitor Pest Control to schedule a free inspection.