Bed Bug Control

Over the past decade, bedbug complaints across the nation have continued to rise. Bed bugs are small brown insects that feed on blood and well, live in beds! This recent increase in reports has heightened concern for hotels, homeowners, and renters alike. Not only are bedbugs becoming more common, but they are the most difficult pest to remove. More than ever, it is important to learn how these critters find their way into our homes and vacation spots. Luckily, removal is possible and there is hope. 

How Are Bed Bugs Treated?

Although bed bugs are difficult to remove, it is possible. However, removing bed bugs is expensive. A single room can cost a few hundred dollars. Eliminations can also take weeks or months, especially in large facilities or hotels. When the first signs of an infestation occur, Monitor Pest Control recommends calling professional help before matters get worse. 

More removal options are being researched as bed bugs become a larger threat. Right now, there are several effective removal strategies. A combination of methods might be necessary to kill and keep bed bugs from returning. Although there is no quick fix for removal, bedbugs have one major downfall. They are intolerant to changing temperatures. Therefore, the most effective options are combined temperature strategies and traditional methods. 

Freeze the surface using a pressurized machine or freeze materials below 0 degrees Fahrenheit for several days.

Vacuum, and use suction removal on surfaces.

Sprays and powders can be applied regularly to kill bugs and ward off a new infestation

Pesticide spot treatments use needles to penetrate the treatment into an affected area

Mattress covers and seals work effectively to minimize and protect a cleaned area

Tent fumigation in some cases

Why Are Bed Bugs So Tough To Eliminate?

There are a few reasons that make bed bugs so challenging.

To fully eliminate bed bugs, every viable female bug has to be killed. This is why exterminations can take weeks and require several treatment options.

An adult female lays an egg every day. While it might not seem like much, these pests can grow exponentially in population. A single female can produce 500 eggs in her lifetime. And likewise, her female offspring will do the same.

Bed bugs are good at hiding and their bodies make it easy for them to do so. Although they are dark and stand out against light surfaces, their flat and round shape helps them nestle into crevices.

Bites are painless and can appear several days later.

Worst of all, bed bugs can survive for an astonishingly long time without a blood meal. While other insects can be starved, like lice, bed bugs can live without food for well over a year. Some cases report bedbugs living for more than 550 days.


Preventing Bed Bugs In Your Home

There are always ways to prevent pests. Here are a few tricks to help prevent bed bugs in your New Braunfels home.

Although bedbugs are not a sign of a dirty home, keeping a clean and organized home can be preventative. Removing clutter around or near beds and regularly vacuuming gives bedbugs less space to live in your home.

Never use a second-hand mattress. Anything that can’t fit in a washing machine to be washed on high heat before entering your bedding space should be avoided. Even box springs or upholstery should be avoided. At the least, they need to be inspected and steamed.

Use light and plain bedding to make spotting bedbugs easy. Also, frequently check mattresses and boxsprings even if they are covered by mattress covers

Use mattress and boxspring covers.

Fill any cracks in the walls, bedframe, boxspring, or furniture to eliminate hiding places for bugs.

When traveling, immediately uncover the mattress and look for signs of an infestation. Keep your luggage closed when possible.